Freelance content writer and editor for Saro Recruitment, a recruitment company based in Luxembourg and Amsterdam. Writing monthly SEO blog posts about recruitment and career planning, aimed at job seekers. Editing and proofreading various content, including recruiter biographies and social media campaigns. Articles include:

How to Raise Your LinkedIn Profile
Back to Work: How to Survive Until Your Next Holiday
How to Get the Best Out of Teleworking
Most In Demand Soft Skills and How to Demonstrate Them

Designer, copywriter and editor of Pass The Dutchy, a website aimed at both new and established ex-pats living in Luxembourg. Includes guidance for newcomers along with restaurant and nightlife reviews.


Proofreader of E-Vine, the bi-monthly electronic newsletter of the American Women’s Club of Luxembourg.


Short story “Home from Home” published in Homepages, a collection of stories and photographs by Irish writers and bloggers. All profits donated to the homeless charity Focus Ireland.

Travel article Las Vegas without the Gamble published on Bootsnall.com, an international travel website.


Started blog called It Had Better Be Good about my writing projects, sharing any tips that I have picked up on the way.

Articles published on EzineArticles.com as an Expert Author:
Ten Things to Do in Chicago if You’re a Tourist (or Even a Local)

Character Research
Six Ways to Introduce and Build Effective Conflict in Your Writing
Character Development


Contributed an Australian travel guide series to Bootsnall.com while touring around Australia. Articles were aimed at 20-somethings interested in taking a career break.