Living in Luxembourg

Eating Out in Luxembourg

Eating out in Luxembourg is a huge part of its culture – restaurants have one lunch and one evening sitting so you can really savour your meal and enjoy your company. Having sandwiches at the desk for lunch may be gaining in popularity but one or more hour lunches is still the done thing. In the evenings it’s obligatory to meet with friends, take your time over multiple courses and sample the wine list. Restaurants are everywhere; even the smallest village will usually have a restaurant or good cafe giving sustenance to the population. In fact, a great way to discover Luxembourg is to get a restaurant recommendation from a friend, hop in the car and enjoy the scenery before tucking into a gorgeous meal in a picturesque little village. (Then if you’re like me go home and have a nap.)


Luxembourgers have high standards when it comes to food, whether it’s a perfectly-spiced 100% beef hamburger in a cafe to a delectable nine course meal in a Michelin starred restaurant. Traditionally Luxembourgish cuisine is of the hearty, meat and potatoes variety which can still be found in many restaurants, either as originally prepared or in fusion with other cultures. Otherwise popular cuisines are French, German, Portuguese (who make up a large percentage of the population), Italian, Indian, Japanese and Chinese.


If you’re working in Luxembourg you’ll probably get a pack of luncheon vouchers a month (known as either cheque repas or ticket restaurants) which you can use to pay for your meal in restaurantscafes and even your groceries in some supermarkets. Restaurants generally open 12am-3pm in some supermarkets. Restaurants generally open for lunch, and offer a plat du jour (dish/menu of the day) for a discounted price alongside their a la carte menu. Supermarkets in Luxembourg often have one or two restaurants or a food court where you can eat cheaply and well at lunchtime. If you’re in a hurry, bakeries carry a range of sandwiches and some butchers do sausages and hamburgers in rolls for takeaway.


Restaurants in Luxembourg tend to open from 6pm to late and close once a week, usually Sunday or Monday – make sure to check their opening times before you head over. It’s advisable to reserve a table on Friday and Saturday nights as eating out is a popular way to catch up with mates and wind down after the work week. Menus can often only be in French and German so if you’re a beginner, bring a bilingual friend or dictionary along or ask the waiter for help. The wine menu may be vast; if you’re not a wine buff an option is the usually good house wine in different sized carafes. If you don’t fancy leaving the house, some restaurants in Luxembourg offer delivery: try and for a list.


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